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About Us

Founded the year 2005, we are today a leading company in the fresh berry industry, with 16 years of presence in the US and Canada market. We supply blueberries, raspberries, and blackberries, both conventional and organic.

Our headquarters in Los Angeles, and operation centers in New Jersey and Oregon, allow us to distribute our products to the main retailers within North America, all year round.

In search of best varietal genetics, we aim to make our berries an unforgettable, dazzling high-quality product.

As part of the Agroberries group, we are determined to develop a sustainable business, concentrating our efforts to achieve an environmentally friendly process, committing and looking after our communities, consumers, workers and other stakeholders.

About us

Our Products

We supply the finest fresh berries 52 weeks a year, packed and shipped with our recognized Berry Fresh brand to leading grocery store chains and wholesalers.


We also pack with clients labels as requested, confirming our products meet their highest standards.


We provide a variety of pack sizes to our clients, meeting the needs of their customers.

Our products





Our farms

Our Farms

Our main goal is to deliver the best products of the highest quality standards. We can achieve this being growers and developing strategic alliances with trusted partners throughout the Americas. So, we know exactly how our fruit is grown, harvested and packed. This commitment with food safety and quality is guaranteed and certified by globally recognized entities, from production to shipping.

We strive to place ethical trade at the heart of our business, to assure that our complete supply chain is respectful of workers’ rights, by promoting and complying with the principles of the Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI).

And of course, we encourage organic production, believing the integration of cultural practices delivers a natural product to our consumers and fosters our environment.


Our Markets

Our customers demand the best and we deliver; with nearly 80 million pounds of fresh berries sold across the North American market every year, we are proud to say Berry Fresh offers an outstanding customer service and flexibility. This has allowed us to supply the most recognized and demanding retail chains and wholesale customers in the United States and Canada.

Over the years, we have built long-term relationships with our customers, maintaining a competitive and finest quality supply for both conventional and organic berries.

Our markets
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